June 30, 2017 Teal Stetson-Lee



The last couple months have been a whirlwind of delight. Sometimes when it rains it pours and when its sunny the sunshine just won’t go away.


My 2nd race of the season was the Moab Scott Enduro Cup. We had spectacular weather, a little hot for pre-riding but the perfect calm cloudiness for race day. I love getting out into the desert, it has a gentle calm to it that feels like a sanctuary away from life’s chaos. I also got to camp with my parents which was a huge bonus! I suffered a mechanical during the race, which turned my bike into a single speed in the hardest gear for 75% of the race. It was interesting how it forced me to ride more efficiently and carry my momentum to make it up short climbs with as much momentum as possible. I also was so humbled by the incredible amount of support and help other racers, friends, strangers and competitors offered me to ensure that I finished. I still ended up in 4th and was pretty happy with the process.


Following Moab, I had a little down time at home before jumping into the event coordination process for the Lost and Found Gravel Grinder, put on by The Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship. They graciously brought me on board to help with the event and it was a perfect fit that has now transformed into a long-term relationship in an Even Coordinator position. I’m happily learning the ropes for the other amazing events they put on. Downieville Classic up next!


Early June, I hit the road again and had 2 jam-packed weeks of travel in 3 different locations.


I attended the 2nd Scott Enduro Cup in Angel Fire, NM and had a blast racing the back country and the challenging bike park to finish in 3rd. I flew back to Reno for less than 24hrs and drove up to Bend, OR the next day to race the infamous “Blitz”, complete with insanely awesome trails, the gap jump onto the golf course, beer chugging for the finish and arm wrestling. The crew was feisty and fired-up and kept it fun for everyone. I came in again in 3rd behind world-renown Katerina Nash and Maghalie Rochette.


To complete the madness, I drove back to Reno early the next day and flew out that same evening on a red-eye to Vermont for the NEMBA Fest, a one-of-a-kind mountain bike festival that boasts, arguably some of the best trails in the world, The Kingdom Trails. I hadn’t been back to ride on the east coast since the Pennsylvania Mountain Bike Nationals 3 years ago, I was long overdue for some slippery roots. I spent 4 days in Vermont, guiding rides and being guided, shredding the Burke Mountain downhill greasiness (an awesome challenge for a west coaster), hanging out at the festival, the Tiki bar and the river, socializing with new, amazing friends, drinking delicious Vermont beer, eating some of the best burgers and burritos I’ve ever had and staying up late, getting rowdy like a college kid. I spent quality time with some very special, down-to-earth people and was absolutely blown away by their kindness, generosity and willingness to share with complete strangers. Being around this energy, makes me want to work even harder at being a better person. The simplicity of a good weekend with good people is always a powerful reminder of what makes life so undeniably awesome! I was on a happy high for days.


Speaking of high, I also officially solidified a partnership with the KYND Cannabis Company and MYNT dispensary of Reno, NV. I could not be more excited to throw myself into the heart of controversy and advocate for the evolving perspectives and dissemination of information around this contentious issue. Looking forward to sharing the full story about my decision and partnership next, stay tuned….